Automatic/Manual Transfer Switch

Transfer Switch can be manual or automatic switch between multiple power sources. OME can assemble all kinds of transfer switches base on the needs of the user or the requirements on the project.
Manual Transfer Switch (MTS) designed to transfer electricity supply from once source to another, during the emergency or when the electric supply comes low. it would break the initial before making the new connection by physically/manually switching it.
For emergency power buildings an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is essential. the ATS can automatically transfer load from main power to emergency power without operation intervention. when the main power fall or the voltage drop below 80% of normal voltage, the ATS will start emergency generator after a present time of 0 to 10 seconds (adjustable). at rated speed, the ATS will transfer load to emergency power with available size ranging from 16A to 3200A. there is a switch suitable for every projects need.


  •  Mechanically held contactor & Breaker
  •  Optionally 4 or 3 pole.
  •  Rating range from 16A to 3200A