Diesel Generators

Ali Hadi Al Dousari Machinery And Equipments is a leading provider of perkins diesel generators in the middle east and africa.
DME supplies generator sets for the power generation market. Our company offers solutions for base load power generation, grid stability, peaking and ensuring continuity. Our services include oil and gas industry as well.
DME main product is the diesel generator set with power rating from 9KVA to 2000KVA. The variety of generator sets assembled by ITTS is as diverse as the customer’s special needs. we can “tailor-make” the generator set to be stationary or mobile for residential (soundproof to 72/DBA), industrial (weatherproof) commercial applications.
DME generator sets are powered by the most reliable and well known engine manufacturers. we collaborate with the most powerful and trusted engines, to provide highly economic durability. DME can also provide different brands of engines based on customer’s requirements.